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Fundy Schutzhund Club Members Photos  Fundy Schutzhund Club Members Photos  
Fundy Schutzhund Club Members Photos  Fundy Schutzhund Club Members Photos  


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Name: Kip Day
Positions held: FSC Training Director (current)
Current dog in training: SG Yoko vom Kiebitzende
Titles: IPO 3

First dog titled: Zar The Guardian SchH3-(4X), AD
Other dogs titled: Iron vom Kiebitzende SchH1 SchH3 -> V Kim on der Ehr Felder-Holtzung SchH2 SchH3 (6X), AD -> Hexe vom Kiebitzende SchH1-Sch3-(7X), AD -> Ule vom TeMar BH SchH1 AD

Shutzhund Sports Highlights
  • 2008 North American Championships with Hexe vom Kiebitzende
  • 2008 Canadian Nationals with Hexe vom Kiebitzende
  • 2006 Canadian Nationals with Kim von der Ehr Felder-Holtzung
  • Numerous High in Trials

    Shutzhund Additional Info
  • I have been involved in the sport for the past 20 years, as one of the founding members of the FSC, and trained numerous dogs to IPO3 titles. My first dog, Zar the Guardian, was the first Fundy Club dog to obtain his SchH1-Sch3 titles- a Rottweiler, from non working lines. I was priveledged to be asked to train Ule vom TeMar to a SchH1 and did this the day after she was 18 months, with a high tracking/high obed/high in trial in NH, USA. Ule is the 2008 USA Siegerin as well as the alternate for the 2009 Canadian World Team. Kim von der Ehr Felder-Holtzung came to me for training and had been “written off” as not being suitable for the sport. He finished his career with 6X Sch3- and no failures in his book, and currently retired with hiw owner in Vancouver. My wife and I have exchanged dogs for a while, and I am currently training Iron and Achilles, and while enjoying the diversity of each individual dog I train, I will always look forward to the next challenge!

    Shutzhund Additional Photos
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