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Fundy Schutzhund Club Members Photos  Fundy Schutzhund Club Members Photos  
Fundy Schutzhund Club Members Photos  Fundy Schutzhund Club Members Photos  


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Name: Anne Arsenault
Positions held: Treasurer - FSC
Current dog in training: Gaige vom Kiebitzende
Titles: AD, SchH3, IPO3, FH , FH2 (non-schutzhund titles: CD & TD & CGN)
Dog’s DOB: April 14, 2002
Sire: Boris de Brucelee SchH3, KKL 2
Dam: Freya vom Oberen Lechsee SchH3, IPO3, FH, KKL 1
Breeder: Raino Flugge (vom Kiebitzende)

First dog titled: Ranger SchA at the Fundy Schutzhund Club
Year: October, 1999

Shutzhund Sports Highlights
  • Competing at my 1st Regional Trial at Club Rive-Sud was a huge for me! I was so very proud to be on the podium for Fundy (1st place SchH 1) and was thrilled to be at the event with 10 other Fundy Team Members.
  • Achieving the Canadian Bred Title at 2007 Canadian National Championships in Orangeville, Ontario.
  • Competing at the 2008 North American Championships in New Hampshire, USA, placing 28th of 46 competitors.
  • Gaige making the GSSCC Top SchH 10 dogs in 2005
  • Another highlight for me has been successfully obtaining a Schutzhund Title in each competition with Gaige without fail. She has been a wonderful dog to train and has now obtained 16 X SchH 3.

    Shutzhund Additional Info
  • I have to laugh when I look back to 1998 after seeing my first sable GSD and asking “What kind of dog is that?”… Too funny!
  • And speaking of back in 1998, I will never forget when I saw Kip and Zar training, I thought to myself, ‘that is what I want my dog to do’. (Rest in peace my friend Zar the Guardian)

    Shutzhund Additional Photos

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